At a crossroads if you like (forgive the pun) on where it heads next. For some time, the industry has been grappling with the biggest changes it has faced in the past 100 years. From decarbonisation to autonomous driving and new business models. The attributes of adaption and change is already part of its day to day. Put Brexit and COVID-19 into the mix and it has pushed many in the industry almost to the brink.

The long-term health of UK automotive:

Our latest Leaders LIVE hosted Steve Fowler (Editor-in-Chief Auto Express), Richard Bruce, Director and Dr Andy Palmer had a frank talk on the realities facing UK automotive and what needs to happen to ensure the industry not only survives but thrives in the future.

The industry currently needs certainty. Andy Palmer gave insight into how foreign automakers make investment decision and what the UK needs to do to drive inward investment into the UK.

A clear threat to the immediate health of the industry is potential tariffs on the UK if a trade deal is not secured between Britain and the EU

Did our Leaders LIVE community agree?

The clear winner for our community believed the transition to zero carbon was the biggest challenge facing the industry, despite the immediate threats of COVID-19 and Brexit.

Making zero-carbon a reality:
Are we ready for zero emission come 2035 or sooner? Andy Palmer wants a ‘Dawinisim of Technologies’ that gives the UK an industrial strategy that allows all tech to compete to reach the goal rather than only focus on EV.

Richard Bruce explained how the governments approach is to be technology neutral. EV is popular, ready-made technology that can be scaled to cut carbon from the transport industry. However ultimately it will come down to the consumer, but it was clear the world is moving towards batteries unless it is heavy goods vehicles which may look at hydrogen.

Did our Leaders LIVE community agree?

Our Leaders LIVE community believed that the biggest opportunity was in fact Hydrogen Fuel Cell 49% with Battery tech on 29%.

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